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Looking for Mild Solvent?

INX Digital’s MS8 ink is a mild solvent, low viscosity, pigmented ink set formulated for use in PH with 5-50 picoliter drop size.

Looking for the best Mild Solvent Inks?

We've got the answer!

Triangle’s MS8 mild solvent based inks are optimized for use in print heads with 5-50 picoliter drop size. MS8 is uniquely formulated to have excellent adhesion and flexiblity on a wide range of digital graphic medias.
These inks are intented for jetting with high reliability.

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Exceeding Your Expectations

Redefining a new standard

Cost effective, Superior open time, Excellent drying speed, Better Jetting reliability, Brilliant and Vivid Colors, Reliable jetting even at higher frequencies, High chemical resistance and scratch resistance.
is formulated to achieve GRACol standard and hit G7 tables.
Backed by INX Digital’s Worldwide Ink Train Warranty for TRIANGLE® brand ink.

Swiss Ordinance
Ink Train Warranty
Swiss Ordinance
Fast drying speed
Colors available
Providing the right ink set

We provide the right ink set according to many different printers colors configuration. Our Process colors are based on a Clean Yellow shade and slighty violet magenta, this combination provides vibrant colors and unbeatable reds.

Light Cyan
Light Magenta

Light Fastness

A professional answer is required

The most commonly used method of measuring light fastness of a printed material is to expose it to a special artificial light with a spectrum similar to the sun light. Material sample will be exposed together with a special wool counter-sample printed with 8 grades of Blue dye (Blue Wool Scale).


Cyan: 7-8
Magenta: 7
Yellow: 7-8
Black: 8
Light Cyan: 7
Light Magenta: 6-7


Swiss Ordinance 817.023.21 for Packaging Inks

The Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs (DFI) adopted in March 2008 an amendment to the Ordinance of 23 November 2005 on Materials and Objects in Contact with Food (SR 817.023.21). It entered into force on 4 January 2010 and lays down the obligation for packaging inks to be manufactured only with the authorized substances. Permitted substances are defined as those listed in Annex 2 Lists I and II and in Annex 10, December 2020.

The lists in the Ordinance simply states that the substances may be used in the manufacture of printing inks. To ensure safety in accordance with the law, the migration limits for substances must not be exceeded for final packaging. Guides of Good Practice for the manufacture and printing of printing inks should be followed.

Substances listed with status 'B' may be used, provided that the final packaging is in compliance with the requirements of the Ordinance, i.e. the migration of the listed substances cannot be detected using a valid and official analytical method. The migration should not be greater than 0.01 mg / kg (10 ppb).

INX carried out a review of the raw materials used in the products below to determine their status with respect to the Swiss Ordinance and found that the products below meet the Swiss Ordinance Annex 10.

Accordingly, it does not automatically mean that the product or substance is toxicologically suitable to be used for printing inks for all types of food packaging. 

How to handle?
Follow these simple instructions


MS8 YELLOW - 01LT Bottle
MS8 YELLOW - 05LT Bottle
MS8 MAGENTA - 01LT Bottle
MS8 MAGENTA - 05LT Bottle
MS8 - Light Magenta
MS8 - Light Cyan
MS8 CYAN - 01LT Bottle
MS8 CYAN - 05LT Bottle
MS8 BLACK - 01LT Bottle
MS8 BLACK - 05LT Bottle


Meeting our customers' needs

Our commitment is to provide the most common and used packaging's types available. Find the package that fits your needs.

1 LT Bottle
Available in:
5 LT Bottle
Available in:
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You can find here additional details

Read more about this product, you will find useful info and technical details about it, as theTemperature exposure and Jetting, Storage conditions, Shelf Life, and more.

Flexibility & Adhesion

These inks are formulated to achieve excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and compatibility with wide range of banner stocks, BlueBack paper, Coated Paper, SAV for display Graphics and PVC Banner.

Temperature Exposure and Jetting

Inks were optimized to jet at temperatures between 28-32 C.

Ink Storage and Shelf Life

These inks should be stored between 15° - 30°C (59° - 86°F). When stored properly inks have a 15 month shelf life.

Recommended Flush

USF - UNIVERSAL SOLVENT FLUSH - Solvent-based head wiping fluid that may be used to flush the ink train.

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Triangle’s MS8 mild solvent based inks are optimized for use in print heads with 5-50 picoliter drop size. MS8 is uniquely formulated to have excellent adhesion and flexiblity on a wide range of digital graphic medias.
These inks are intented for jetting with high reliability.

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