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Are you looking for a 440ml Chip’s replacement? Or do you need a permanent electronic bypass? In any case, INX Digital can offer the best and practical solution that fits your needs.

Efi VUTEk Qs EasyReset
Efi® Vutek® QS™ EasyReset

Easyreset for the Efi® Vutek™ QS

Efi VUTEk Electronics RFID
Efi® Vutek® RFID Replacement

5 Liters RFID Replacement for Efi® VUTEk® GS™ & QS™

Hp® FB™ Series Electronics Chip
HP® FB™ Series UV Curable, Chip Replacement

Hp® FB Series UV Curable, Electronics Chip Replacement, FB500, FB700, FB900

Mimaki Dye-Sub EasyChip
Mimaki Dye-Sub EasyChip

Automatic chip emulation system for Mimaki Dye-Sub printing mode

Mimaki EasyChip
Mimaki® EasyChip

Permanent Electronic Bypass, Easychip for Mimaki® SS21™

Mimaki Solvent Electronics Chip
Mimaki® Solvent & Eco-Solvent Electronics Chip

Mimaki® Solvent & Eco-Solvent, 440ml Electronics Chip Replacement, SS2, SS21, BS3, BS4

Mimaki Sublimatic Electronics Chip
Mimaki® Sublimatic Electronics Chip

440ml Chip Replacement for Mimaki® Dye-Sub, SB51™, SB52™, SB53™, SB54™

Mimaki UV Curable Electronics Chip
Mimaki® UV Curable, Chip Replacement

Mimaki® UV Curable, 440ml Electronics Chip Replacement, LH100, LUS120

Mutoh Electronics Card
Mutoh® ValueJet™ Smart-Card Replacement

Mutoh® ValueJet™, 440ml Smart-Card Replacement, ESU, ECU

OKi ColorPainter Electronics Chip
Oki™ Seiko® ColorPainter Chip Replacement

Oki™ Seiko® ColorPainter, 1500ml Chip Replacement, H3, H2, LCIS

Roland EcoSol MAX Electronics Chip
Roland® EcoSol MAX™ Chip Replacement

Roland® EcoSol MAX™, 440ml Chip Replacement, EcoSol MAX 1™, EcoSol MAX 2™, EcoSol MAX 3™

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