Semi-Gloss Clear Coat

D321 is a premium, SEMI-GLOSS, extremely durable, waterborne, clear coating.

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D321 is a premium, extremely durable, waterborne, clear coating.

Containing both ultraviolet absorbers and hindered amine light stabilizers for the maximum in UV light protection.

ClearFlex™ ME is a fourth generation product formulated to protect digitally produced images that have been applied to flexible vinyl to "pop" color development, waterproof and seal, and to provide ultraviolet light and abrasion resistance.

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Exceeding Your Expectations

Redefining a new standard

UV inhibiting--Long lasting

Good abrasion resistance

Chemical resistant to gasoline, oils, diesel fuel, and detergent.

RF weldable


Fast dry*, low odor


Very resistant to water exposure

Easy water cleanup


DOT nonhazardous

Swiss Ordinance
High Flexibility
Colors available
Providing the right ink set

We provide the right ink set according to many different printers colors configuration. Our Process colors are based on a Clean Yellow shade and slighty violet magenta, this combination provides vibrant colors and unbeatable reds.

Clear Semi Gloss

Light Fastness

A professional answer is required

The most commonly used method of measuring light fastness of a printed material is to expose it to a special artificial light with a spectrum similar to the sun light. Material sample will be exposed together with a special wool counter-sample printed with 8 grades of Blue dye (Blue Wool Scale).

Swiss Ordinance 817.023.21 for Packaging Inks

The Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs (DFI) adopted in March 2008 an amendment to the Ordinance of 23 November 2005 on Materials and Objects in Contact with Food (SR 817.023.21). It entered into force on 4 January 2010 and lays down the obligation for packaging inks to be manufactured only with the authorized substances. Permitted substances are defined as those listed in Annex 2 Lists I and II and in Annex 10, December 2020.

The lists in the Ordinance simply states that the substances may be used in the manufacture of printing inks. To ensure safety in accordance with the law, the migration limits for substances must not be exceeded for final packaging. Guides of Good Practice for the manufacture and printing of printing inks should be followed.

Substances listed with status 'B' may be used, provided that the final packaging is in compliance with the requirements of the Ordinance, i.e. the migration of the listed substances cannot be detected using a valid and official analytical method. The migration should not be greater than 0.01 mg / kg (10 ppb).

INX carried out a review of the raw materials used in the products below to determine their status with respect to the Swiss Ordinance and found that the products below meet the Swiss Ordinance Annex 10.

Accordingly, it does not automatically mean that the product or substance is toxicologically suitable to be used for printing inks for all types of food packaging. 

EN 71–3:2019+A1:2021 Toy Safety Standard
This product is formulated from ingredients whose chemistry excludes the nineteen elements regulated by EN 71 Part 3:2019+A1:2021 (Appendix B).
Like all synthetic and naturally occurring chemical substances, raw materials, as received from our suppliers, may conceivably contain trace amounts of these metals. It is recommended to prove if the thresholds for metals are respected.

INX Digital
is dedicated to the development of UV inks and proudly commits to formulating future products without the use of TPO (Triphenylphosphine Oxide), underscoring our commitment to environmental sustainability and meeting evolving industry standards.

Introduction, what is TPO?
All energy curable inks, including UVCurable, use a component called photo-initiator to trigger the reaction of curing, transforming a liquid into a solid film; such reaction is the polymerization. There are many photo-initiators, but the ink-jet inks manufacturing industry uses TPO for the majority of the times. INX Digital is no exception. TPO typically refers to “Triphenylphosphine Oxide,” which is a photoinitiator. Photoinitiators like TPO play a crucial role in the curing process of the ink when exposed to UV light, initiating the reaction that transforms the liquid ink into a solid coating. However, it comes with some toxicological concern.

Health concerns related to TPO
TPO went through an analytical consideration by European authorities for quite some time during the past few years, and a decision was made recently for a reclassification, due to increased toxicity concerns. The European Chemicals Agency’s new legislation recommends classifying TPO as Reprotoxic 1B, reflecting potential harm to fertility and the unborn child. Already classified in the USA and some Asian countries, the process is happening in Europe, where TPO now requires additional safety concern exposures (on Safety Data Sheets), like mentioning that TPO is enlisted in the SVHC list (Substance of Very High Concern) from REACH.

EuPIA and Exclusion Policy
INX Europe Ltd is an associate member of EuPIA, and a voluntary signee of the declaration of honoring compliance with the Exclusion Policy. The Exclusion Policy applies to all types of printing inks, applied in all types of printing processes, including inkjet, and for all end use applications, and citing from the EuPIA website, “has been an important code protecting the health and safety of workers in the ink and printing industries, as well as the end users of printed materials. In 1996 the European sector group of the printing ink industry took over existing national stewardship initiatives to create the Exclusion List for Printing Inks and Related Products. It applied stricter rules to the manufacture and marketing of inks than the existing legal regulations would have required. In taking this responsibility, the European ink industry took a proactive lead for the world.INX Digital, as a division of INX Europe Ltd, will be fully compliant with this policy.

TPO in EuPIA Exclusion Policy List
With this reclassification taking place, TPO has been enlisted in the EuPIA Exclusion Policy List of restricted materials, and all members who have voluntarily signed for being compliant, need to remove this component from their formulations.INX Digital is now extensively working to remove TPO from all formulations, including ink-jet inks. All UVCurable inks will undergo a reformulation for being safer and healthier for workers and end users.

How to handle?
Follow these simple instructions

COVERAGE: [average]
Theoretical at 1/2 mil DFT: 1010 sqft/gal
Theoretical at 1 mil DFT: 505 sqft/gal
Recommended min. DFT: 1 mil

Clean surface thoroughly of foreign contaminants. Vinyl:  apply one or two coats to provide

This is a water soluble product. Thinning is not recommended as it will reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Hand Application:
Use a 1/4 inch close nap roller for the best performance on large surfaces. For small pictorial areas or digital prints, brushing is better using a 4 inch foam brush or foam paint pad.
Always load the applicator with the maximum amount of coating as possible and apply with light pressure. This will prevent bubbling. Vigorous rolling and high pressure may produce a frothy surface.
Spray Application: Do not use Wagner or airless spray equipment. This type of equipment puts too much material on the surface.
Use conventional air atomization equipment. Fluid tip size should be 0.045” - 0.060” at 30 pounds atomizing pressure at 9 - 12 cfm.

Automatic Application:
For automatic application using the Seal AquaSeal 1600 or 3200 series reservoir 3/4 full and 0-10% water to reduce.
Using more water will result in thinner laminate and less protection. Remember, at 10% reduction with one pass
For full protection use D321 unthinned and apply two more coats.

Test results show that a one mil (0.001 applied in two applications of 0.5 mil each, blocks >90% transmission of ultraviolet light.

Do not apply to murals that have been applied to walls or any surface that is subject to water absorption or negative hydrostatic pressure. Do not apply
stored in high humid temperatures. This coating may crack or delaminate on high gloss blackout vinyl when the vinyl is aggressively seam sown. Not for use on NON-waterproof paper substrates.

Water or MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) for dried spots.


D321 Clearflex ME Semi-Gloss
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D321 Clearflex ME Semi-Gloss [EU] - 05LT
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D321 Clearflex ME Semi-Gloss
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D321 Clearflex ME SemiGloss (EU) - 20LT
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D321 is a premium, extremely durable, waterborne, clear coating.

Containing both ultraviolet absorbers and hindered amine light stabilizers for the maximum in UV light protection.

ClearFlex™ ME is a fourth generation product formulated to protect digitally produced images that have been applied to flexible vinyl to "pop" color development, waterproof and seal, and to provide ultraviolet light and abrasion resistance.

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