Vibrant Color For Less!

Making the switch to HFB can save you 36% per year on ink costs giving you vibrant colors for less! Order your free print samples today!

Increase Your Buying Power
Decrease your monthly ink costs by 36% and improve your bottom line

Wider Color Gamut and Truer Reds
Formulated to achieve GRACol standards and G7 targets

Comprehensive Warranty Included
Ink Train and Durability warranty makes switching to Triangle a no‑brainer

Technical Service and Support
Technical specialists make the conversion process quick and easy

Conversions are easy and warranties are included. The only thing you need to worry about is how to spend your savings!

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What is the best ink for FB Series?

We've got the answer!

Triangle’s HFB UV based inks are optimized for curing both UV and LED on Hp® FB™ series printers.
HFB is uniquely formulated to have excellent adhesion and flexibility on a wide range of digital graphic medias. These inks are intented for jetting with high consistancy on the Hp® FB500™, FB700™ and FB900™.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Redefining a new standard

Be surprised by the performance of HFB alternative inks. There is no doubt this product improves on the qualities and cost efficiencies of the OEM ink set. This includes a wider color gamut, faster dry time and lower applied cost.
HFB has high chemical resistance, runs cleaner than the OEM and has strong adhesion to a wide variety of materials including Coroplast®.
The flexibility of the ink reduces chipping and peeling. It has been formulated to achieve GRAcol Standards.

EUPIA Compliant
EUPIA Compliant
High Flexibility
High Flexibility
Eco-Friendly Packaging
Eco-Friendly Packaging
Reliable jetting
Reliable jetting
Ink Train Warranty
Ink Train Warranty
Superior adhesion
Superior adhesion
Extreme color gamut range
Extreme color gamut range
Colors available
Providing the right ink set

We provide the right ink set according to many different printers colors configuration. Our Process colors are based on a Clean Yellow shade and slighty violet magenta, this combination provides vibrant colors and unbeatable reds.

Light Cyan


A professional answer is required

The most commonly used method of measuring light fastness of a printed material is to expose it to a special artificial light with a spectrum similar to the sun light. Material sample will be exposed together with a special wool counter-sample printed with 8 grades of Blue dye (Blue Wool Scale).


Cyan: 7-8
Magenta: 7
Yellow: 7-8
Black: 7-8
Light Cyan: 7
Light Magenta: 6-7
White: 8

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